Mentalist & Mindreader in Scottsdale, AZ - Craig Anthony

Mingling Mentalism

Elevate your corporate event with an enchanting touch of mystery through my walk-around mentalism. As I seamlessly navigate the room, engaging with your guests, I'll leave them astounded by seemingly impossible feats of mind reading and intuition. This interactive experience adds a unique and unforgettable element to any gathering, fostering a sense of wonder and sparking conversations that will linger long after the event concludes.

Parlour Mentalism

Transform your corporate gathering into an intimate and captivating affair with my parlor mentalism performance. Set in a more focused setting, this medium-sized presentation allows your audience to witness the art of mind reading and psychological illusions up close. Perfect for board meetings, dinners, or smaller corporate functions, the parlor experience ensures that every attendee becomes an active participant in the enchanting world of mentalism.

Stage Mentalism

Make a grand statement at your corporate event with a mesmerizing stage mentalism performance. Tailored for larger audiences, this theatrical presentation combines the art of storytelling with awe-inspiring demonstrations of mind power. From predicting choices made by the audience to showcasing feats of mental dexterity, the stage show leaves a lasting impression, creating a memorable and immersive experience that will have everyone talking about your event for years to come.

Testimonials of Excellence and Satisfaction


Can't say enough good things about Craig. We hired him to entertain about 45 people at a luncheon and he was awesome. Everyone was mesmerized by his mind-reading skills and he was very compelling and entertaining. I would hire him again in two seconds.

David D.

Craig's performance was awesome! We're still talking about what he did. He selected almost all of our own group of friends to be in different parts of his show which made it even more special.

There were 14 of us that came together. He even did a preshow trick for our group. We wish we could see again with more of our group of about 40 of us soon. Our other friends residents of our community missed a great show. Thanks again!!

Gary C.

Craig came to an office event where I work and gave us a great show. He went around to each desk
cluster and did one or two acts for us. When he got to my team, he did this card trick where he guessed which one of us drew which picture on some business cards and he had some amazing insights into each "artist"!

He then hypnotized one of my coworkers, which as you can guess, was hilarious and entertaining.

Craig is super personable, makes everyone feel comfortable, and is gifted in what he does. I'm so glad we were able to experience his talents!

Nicole S.

My husband & I experienced Craig's performance last night as well as back in June.

We are still amazed with all his mentalist acts. He is an awesome magicianand leaves everyone in the party thinking "how did he do that?".

We're definitely going to book him our next big event.

Audrey M.

I hired Craig for my bday in June of 2017 and he was amazing in every way! He showed up on time, he
amazed all 30 of my friends at my birthday party. I had a lot of skeptics and he incorprated them into his acts and really won over everyone by the time he was finished. This man is talented and a true professional in everyway. I am having an adoption party and will be hiring him again for the party to be the entertainment as it was such a hit the first time. I recommend him for any party or gathering you are
having that you want to elevate your party a step up.

Kirin K.

Capturing Moments

About Craig

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Craig Anthony Filicetti, a magician and mentalist whose magical prowess is matched only by his innovative spirit.

From early magic endeavors to becoming a sought-after performer, Craig's path is one of captivating audiences with mind-bending experiences. His mastery extends across walk-around, parlor, and stage mentalism, leaving an indelible mark at corporate events.

In a groundbreaking achievement, Craig was honored with the Time Magazine Innovation of the Year award in 2023 for his pioneering contributions to Major League Baseball.

Beyond the accolades, Craig is renowned for crafting performances that not only mystify but elevate events to unforgettable heights. Each show is a masterpiece, leaving audiences with a sense of wonder that resonates long after the final curtain falls, ensuring that your event will be talked about for years to come.

Contact Craig here or call him at (602) 316-8100!